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Become Certified
in Lymphedema Management

To safely and properly treat patients with Lymphedema, we highly recommend the treating therapist be a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). The minimum requirement to be a CLT is the successful completion of a 135-hour certification course in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). The Academy of Lymphatic Studies offers the Complete Lymphedema Certification course at various locations about the United State.Learn More

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At The Lymphedema Store we only offer products that have been tested. This way we know they will work for you and meet your needs. We take great pride in offering you proven and trusted products, low prices and world class customer service. Learn More

About Us

The Lymphedema Store is a subdivision of the Academy of Lymphatic Studies which was founded in 1994 by world-renowned lymphedema guru, Joachim "Joe" Zuther. ACOLS was the first school to offer Lymphedema Certification courses in the Continental U.S., according to the European curriculum. Our mission is to promote high professional standards and the continuing professional competence of health care practitioners in the field of lymphedema management. Learn More