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Unna Boot Bandages



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Specialist Care for Venous Ulcers

Old age, obesity, surgery or disease can all result in blood not returning to the heart as quickly as necessary. Unfortunately poor venous return can result in circulation problems, meaning wounds are slow to heal and the development of sores and ulcers becomes more common. One of the most effective treatments for venous ulcers and other leg wounds is the Unna Boot, which was specifically developed by a leading dermatologist (Paul Gerson Unna) to treat ulcers and other skin problems.

What is the Unna Boot?

The Unna Boot is a long, wide gauze bandage which is soaked in zinc oxide and calamine, as well as a number of other agents which are known to promote healing. The combination of ingredients on the bandage helps to keep the affected area moist and provides a suitable environment for improvement to occur.

A Useful Base Layer

Many people who suffer from problems related to lymphedema or poor circulation use the impregnated gauze as the base layer for their compression bandaging. The Unna Boot is overlaid with bandages or compression garments to give plenty of firm support to the area.

Everything You Need From Us

As leading providers of a wide range of therapeutic compression aids, we usually have everything necessary for effective treatment. If you can’t locate the Unna Boot or other items you’re looking for, get in touch now at (800) 863-5935 and we will be delighted to track down the products you need.